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Words just can't do a destination justice sometimes, right?

The best travel copywriter in the world can’t recreate the real thing. True, there really is nothing quite like the aromatic smell of a freshly cooked Tandoori Roti surrounded by the dramatic imagery and pungent aromas of an old Delhi street market. Or the clamorous dawn chorus of a sub-tropical rainforest as the sun rises. Or even the wall of stale heat that greets you as you disembark from your flight, geared up for a week of well-deserved beach rest. 

But what made you decide on which multi-sensory adventure to book?

Words probably had something to do with it. The advert that caught your attention on a damp winters day. The first few descriptions that popped up on Google when you searched ‘holiday destinations that are not damp’. Narrowing down your chosen airline, hotels, tour operators and travel agents.

Travel is a highly competitive space; hiring a travel copywriter for your words can most certainly do your travel business justice.

Why hire me as your travel copywriter?

I know your customers. I really do.

Well, maybe not ‘know’ know them. I’ve probably never been around to their house for tea or sent them a Christmas card.

But I know what they’re looking for from your travel business. 

I’ve worked in the travel industry for over seven years. I’ve sold them their holidays. I’ve dealt with their mid-trip emergencies in the middle of the night. I’ve made sure that they come back to me for their next holiday. I’ve turned them into brand ambassadors.

I love travel, but who doesn’t? You need more than that from a travel copywriter. You need someone who knows how your travel business operates. 

Most importantly, you need copy that brings in quality sales leads and keeps them coming back for more. 

caroline king travel copywriter

What do I know about the travel industry?

Throughout my travel industry career, I have worked for a large luxury tour operator, a small bespoke tour operator and an independent inbound tour operator.  I have helped build a start-up travel business, worked on a brand re-launch and have even been included on the Board of Directors.

I have also worked across a variety of roles including sales, marketing and senior management. I won’t regale you with my entire employment history, but free to take a look at my LinkedIn profile if you’re especially keen. 

I still consider myself part of the incredible family that is the international travel industry. I attend travel industry conferences, seminars and training sessions whenever I can. I keep my finger on travel industry news. And I probably always will. I love it.

What kind of travel copywriting can I help you with?

Destination Copy


Itinerary Copy

Accommodation Copy

Emails & Newsletters

Sales Pages & Landing Pages

SEO Copywriting

Staff Bios

Articles & Blogs

Travel Guides

Trade Press Articles

Client Documents

Product Copy

Social Media Posts & Profiles

Offline & Digital Ad Copy

Recruitment Ads

Award Submissions

Brochure Copy

Press Releases