Caroline King Copywriter

SEO Copywriting Services

It's not just your customers who are looking at your website.

Search engines are too.

Do they like what they see? Good Search Engine Optimised (SEO) copywriting can help entice them in. 

Search engines are becoming better at what they do every single day. They want customers to like them in return for serving quality, relevant and helpful search results.

Your copy needs to delight your customers first and excite search engines second. And SEO copywriting is the best tool for the job.

Did you know that most users don't look past the first five results on a Google search?

And did you know that every page on your website has the potential to rank in one of those top spots when the correct SEO techniques are used?

SEO isn’t magic. It’s working with search engines so that they can give their users exactly what they’re looking for.  

Tiger in grass

With my SEO copywriting services:

I will explain everything in plain English (with a bit of a Scottish twang). No confusing technical jargon.

You’ll receive a comprehensive keyword research document, explaining which keywords will work best for your website copy

There shall be no keyword stuffing. Ever. Readers don’t like it, I don’t like it, you probably don’t like and most importantly, Google hates it. 

You’ll receive beautifully written, engaging copy with keywords interwoven in all the right places. 

You’ll also receive a handy keyword planner, should you wish to venture further into the exciting world of SEO.