Caroline King Copywriter

Hello, I'm Caroline

And I’m an experienced SEO copywriter based in Brighton, UK

Not that location matters much.

This is the digital age after all. Which means that I help businesses all over the world produce sparkling copy that persuades and performs. With clients from New Zealand, the UK, the USA and Canada, I always have one eye on the world clock.

However, if you do happen to be passing through sunny Brighton, hit me up for a for some copywriting chat over a coffee/double G&T date.

How did I get here?

I won’t send you to sleep you with my entire CV. I’ll just tell you that before my time as a digital marketer and copywriter, I spent quite a lot of time working in sales and customer service.

This means that not only do I understand how brilliant copy fits in and around your sales process. It also means that you can be assured of a friendly, approachable and professional service at all times.

If you work in the travel industry and are looking for travel and tourism copywriting services, take a peek here for more information on my travel career.

Why should you hire me?

Good question. Well, I do offer:

  • Friendly, approachable and professional services
  • Affordable prices
  • Other services in addition to copywriting including SEO services, press releases and proof-reading
  • A rich and varied professional background. I understand your sales process because I have worked in sales
  • And of course, I offer cracking, high-quality, SEO-friendly copywriting 

"Caroline is passionate about doing an excellent job. I have found her extremely reliable, dependable and easy to communicate with.  She is willing to listen and make sensible suggestions in order to achieve the best possible outcomes."

Furhana Ahmad, Ruggedy Range
Furhana Ahmad
Owner, Ruggedy Range Wilderness Experience

Well seeing as you got this far, I may as well also tell you:

I’m a horsey person

Walking up big hills is a thing that I like (we call them Munros in Scotland)

Oh also, I’m Scottish

I have lived in Canada and New Zealand

I am partial to a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, or two

I have danced in a conga line with Prince William

Gary Barlow is just the best