Caroline King Copywriter

Hello, I'm Caroline King

And I might just be your new copywriter.

I help businesses create amazing copy that entices, entrances and most importantly, performs. Getting the words just right can be time consuming on a good day and downright torturous on a bad day.

You’ve got better things to be doing than playing dictionary gymnastics with Microsoft Word. But you know it’s important.

That’s where I come in.

Why hire me?

First and foremost, I’m pretty good at this writing thing.

I’m also friendly, approachable and professional. If you don’t know a long-tailed keyword from a ring-tailed lemur, I’ll explain everything. Well, full disclosure, my ring-tailed lemur knowledge has its limits.

I don’t do scary pricing. My services are affordable and offer excellent value for money. Take a look for yourself.

I’m also a copywriter with actual real-world experience. And I don’t mean I’ve taken an overnight bus to Bangkok (although I have done that too).

I mean that I’ve had first-hand experience working in multiple industries across several customer and client-facing roles. From technology to conservation and office planning to travel and tourism. I’ve sold to your customers, helped with their problems and understood their objections and pain points. 

I understand what your customers want.

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